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22.08.2018: Partnership with Vortran Laser Technology

Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to announce a contract based  partnership with Vortran Laser Technology. 

Vortran Laser Technology is expert in laser design with more than 100 years of experience providing complete photonics solutions to customers worldwide.

VLT is a laser product development and manufacturing company based in Sacramento, CA. VLT specializes in the design and manufacturing of instrumentation grade laser diode modules and OEM optical subsystems. VLT's engineering staff has a combined experience of over 78 years in photonics product development and, therefore, overcome many of the challenges involved in producing laser systems that exhibit long-term power stability, pointing stability, beam quality, and ease of use.

12.12.2017: News about the GLAUrious Project II

The GLAUrious is clinically testing and validating the novel External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) device developed and patented by BELKIN Laser Ltd with the goal of providing accessible first-line treatment for glaucoma.

GLAUrious project aims to ease commercialization of the EAGLE device by securing clinical prototype validation, streamlining commercial production, optimizing component costs, disseminating to key opinion leaders and distributors, and refining commercial strategy.

The multidisciplinary GLAUrious Consortium is led by Queen's University Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK) consists of four additional partners- BELKIN Laser Ltd (Israel), Frankfurt Laser Company (Germany), MCI bvba (Belgium), Eye clinic University of Genova (Italy).

During the last year the advanced clinical prototype was produced and validated to meet the requirements of UK and Italian authorities’ towards prospective randomized clinical study initiation (trial registered at ISRCTN # 14033075).

27.09.2016: Frankfurt Laser Company participates in the GLAUrious Project promoted by the European Union

The GLAUrious Project, part of the Horizon 2020 Project promoted by the European Union, is funded with 2.5 Million Euro. The purpose of the project is the development and validation of a commercial laser device for first-line treatment of Glaucoma. The External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) shall on one side operate automatically and be easy to handle, on the other side it shall be available for a very low price.

Glaucoma, a chronic disease causing progressive optic nerve degeneration, is the leading cause of irreversible blindness globally. Although incurable, disease progression is delayed by reducing intraocular pressure, thus preventing blindness. Some 64 million people worldwide suffer from glaucoma. Current first-line treatment requires daily eye drops, a strict regimen causing 50% patient dropout after 1 year.
Laser treatment for glaucoma has been in use for many years. Its effect lasts for 2-5 years and is repeatable. This traditional 10-minute procedure, involving contact with the patient’s eye, requires the expertise of glaucoma specialists. Consequently, costs are high and accessibility to the general population is low.
The novel EAGLE procedure is automated, non-invasive, non-contact, painless and user friendly - 1 second of treatment by one press of a button. This revolutionary cost-effective device could be safely used by the world’s 212,000 ophthalmologists, thus becoming a primary treatment for glaucoma, overcoming serious problems of eye drop non-compliance and effectively preventing disease deterioration.
GLAUrious project aims to ease commercialization of the EAGLE device by securing clinical prototype validation, streamlining commercial production, optimizing component costs, disseminating to key opinion leaders and distributors, and refining commercial strategy. Validation of EAGLE will allow its commercialization within 3 years of project initiation, enabling penetration of the ophthalmic market and boosting of the industrial consortium partners (BEL, FLC and MCI).
The multidisciplinary GLAUrious Consortium, with its five partners from four member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK) and one associated state (Israel), incorporates three SMEs and two academic hospitals.

01.06.2016: FLC sells Mid-IR LEDs to von Hoerner & Sulger which will be used in the NISP Instrument on the ESA EUCLID Mission.

The company von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH builds the Near IR Calibration Unit (NICU) which is part of the Near IR Spectrometer Photometer (NISP) Instrument on the ESA EUCLID Mission. In this unit Mid-IR LEDs provided by Frankfurt Laser Company are used.

20.04.2016: Frankfurt Laser Company sells Eblana Laser Diodes to Detect Methane in Earth Atmosphere

Frankfurt Laser Company sells EP1645-5-DM-B01-FA laser diodes from Eblana Photonics to Airbus Defence and Space in Germany to detect methane in Earth atmosphere. It is used in their lab for the Merlin Project which is the first Franco-German observation satellite. MERLIN will measure methane concentrations in the atmosphere to help understanding of global warming.

18.04.2016: PD-LD is acquired by Necsel IP

Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to inform all customers that as of 1st April 2016, PD-LD has become part of Necsel IP Inc., a California company and division of Ushio Corporation ( Necsel is a leading supplier of laser solutions for medical and industrial applications, specialty lighting and life sciences markets. PD-LD pioneered VBG laser diode stabilization technique on the laser market. The company offers a line of components, modules and bench-top systems that can replace stabilized gas lasers and support Raman spectroscopy applications.

As European representative of Necsel, Frankfurt Laser Company is proud to represent PD-LD as well and offers PD-LD products direct to all European customers. For more information or quotations please contact us under

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