Product News: Necsel Novalum Lasers

Frankfurt Laser Company offers the Necsel Novalum Lasers

Necsel holds key patented technology to be the premium worldwide supplier of high power red, green and blue lasers with price points that enable the targeted display and lighting markets. Necsel sells lasers as components as well as customizes and integrates them into system solutions.

The RGB Novalum is offered in 250 lumen and 700 lumen brightness levels and combines red, green, and blue direct diode lasers into an extremely small 400 micron core fiber to generate white or mixed light. Each red, green, and blue laser in this package can be individually modulated to generate any color in the spectrum and can be run at a pulsed or constant current. The Novalum family of lasers can be used for illumination and biomedical applications as well as a replacement for white light source.

Combine the RGB Novalum with the Necsel Intelligent Controller to run each channel individually. The Necsel Intelligent Controller can give temperature feedback, modulate at high speed, and is easily integrated into any OEM system. Necsel has a high volume supply of RGB solutions offered at low price points previously unobtainable in the industry. Contact Frankfurt Laser Company for a laser solution with customizable RGB wavelengths to fit your needs.



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