Product News: High Power Diode Laser Systems

New High Power Diode Laser Systems

FLC offers turnkey high power 915nm and 980nm diode laser system with fiber output. The product is based on multiple single emitter design and can deliver 1000W of optical power from 300um core fiber and 3000W from 600um core fiber.

The systems can be operated in CW or modulated mode with modulation frequency up to 20kHz. Standard features include the aiming beam, RS232 interface, QBH connector, which matches most commercial processing  heads and IP54 protection rating.

The flat-top beam from the laser system provides a uniform energy distribution. Compared to other types of lasers, the direct diode laser system has higher wall-plug efficiency, more compact structure and more competitive price.

With control over the operating temperature of the diode laser, as well as current and pulse width, the system offers flexibility and an easy to use interface. The system can be controlled either from the front panel user interface or by a computer-controlled RS-232 interface.

Main applications are cladding, welding and heat treatment.

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