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Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter, with updates on our products and company news.  Over the coming months we will be participating in a range of exhibitions and look forward to seeing you there, read on for further details.

Frankfurt Laser Company

Company News

Distribution of Anteryon Lenses

Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to announce its partnership with Anteryon of the Netherlands. Frankfurt Laser Company is able to offer its customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland Anteryon aspheric collimating lenses, which are produced using glass replication technology. The lenses are an excellent complimentary product to our expanding laser diode portfolio. Advantages of the lenses include

  • Excellent performance
  • Small and light design
  • Reduced components in optical system

These lenses are available in a wide range of specifications and can also be custom made upon request.

Product News

HQML2 - Next Generation Temperature-stabilized Laser Diode Module

Frankfurt Laser Company offers its new instrument grade HQML2 module with high output power and user-adjustable power and temperature to tune the wavelength as well as analog output signals for power, temperature and operation time.

The modules offer modulation ports for 10MHz digital (option 50-100MHz is available) and 1MHz analog modulation. Green DPSS laser can be supplied with 30kHz digital modulation.

High Precision applications
Laser diode modules are available with the optical output in Blue, Green, Red and Infrared wavelength range (375nm -1600nm).

The module is available with circular, elliptic and line-shaped beam combined with low beam divergence, ultra-stable power output (<1%) and wavelength (<0.2nm) over a wide temperature band (0°C to +40°C) and exceptional pointing stability and alignment.  The module being highly stable is excellent for use in applications where a high degree of stability is required applications include;

  • Interferometry
  • Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence
  • Metrology

High Power applications

Laser diode modules are available with the optical output in Blue, Green, Red and Infrared wavelength range (375nm -1600nm).
The module is capable of delivering a line output (or any other pattern) for use in machine vision applications.  Output power is available up to 1W and the rugged design of the unit makes it ideal for use in industrial applications including;

  • Machine vision
  • High-resolution printing
  • Medical procedures
  • Microscopy
  • Industrial inspection
  • Display

New Line-up of Low Cost 532nm Green Modules

FCGMFrankfurt Laser Company offers a new line of low cost DPSS green modules. We are offering a complete range to suit even the most demanding customer requirements. The range features modules with output from 1-100mW in, point, focusable point or line form. For particularly demanding applications we offer a 5mW version with a wide operating temperature range from -5 to +50°C. For precision applications where a narrow bore sight is needed we are able to offer either 1 or 5mW modules with a bore sight <5mrad.


» Positioning » Metrology
» Pointing » Quality control
» Alignment » Machine vision

FFL – New Line of High Power Laser Diodes, Bars and Stacks

Frankfurt Laser Company offers a new line of high power laser diodes, bars and stacks.  The line up contains a range of single and multi emitters in a wide wavelength range from 635nm to 1550nm.  Single emitters are available with power output up to 12W and multi emitters available with CW output up to 60W and pulsed output up to 250W.  Single emitters are available in a range of packaging style including, C, F and CS with multi emitters available in CS style.  The wide range of options makes this range ideal for high power applications including

» Display » Pumping
» Medical » Research

High Brightness Fiber Coupled Pump Laser Diode

Due to the rapid developments in the laser technology, Frankfurt Laser Company is pleased to offer the FBLD-9XX-50.00-2Pin. This fiber coupled laser diode has an output upto 50W from a 105µm core fiber with NA 0.15 / 0.22 and available wavelengths are 915, 940 and 976nm.


» Pumping fiber laser » Micro welding
» Medical use » Direct diode and Fiber lasers
» Life and Health sciences » Material processing


Exhibition News

Over the coming months Frankfurt Laser Company will be present at the following exhibitions and we would be delighted to see you there too.

BIOS 2011
January 22-23, 2011
South Hall, Booth #8600
The Moscone Center
San Francisco, USA
Photonics West 2011
January 25-27, 2011
South Hall, Booth #600
The Moscone Center
San Francisco, USA


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