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Optatec 2018

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LASYS 2018

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Frankfurt Laser Company

Frankfurt Laser Company was founded 1994 by Dr. Vsevolod Mazo in Frankfurt.

FLC is a private company engaged in development, production and distribution of a wide range of FP, DFB and DBR laser diodes, SM individually addressable and broad area laser diode arrays, VCSELs and Quantum Cascade lasers and incorporating them products - laser diode modules free space and fiber-coupled, diode-pumped SS frequency-doubled lasers and OEM modules. Its products cover 266nm to 16µm wavelength and 5mW to 1000W power range.

FLC supplies superluminescent diodes in visible and IR from 650nm to 6000nm and mid-IR LEDs in 1.6µm – 5µm range.

To complement the main line of products FLC supplies SMT laser diode drivers and collimator optic, line generator optic, laser diode headers and caps, laser diode die.

We are able to support most demanding applications in:

  • Military
  • Space
  • Harsh industrial environment
  • Medicine

Our experienced engineers will help you to use our products in your application or develop a product on demand. FLC offers custom development of laser diode products and consulting services on the laser diode market.

If you look for hard to get laser diode product (exotic wavelength or custom packaging), FLC is the best address to call.

Our Suppliers
Frankfurt Laser Company

An den 30 Morgen 13
D-61381 Friedrichsdorf

E sales@frlaserco.com
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